Women in Bloom© was created by Marion Light and Dana Price to be a place where women can come together in support and connection on their journeys toward motherhood. From their years of experience with women struggling in their endeavors to be mothers, Dana and Marion discovered an often missed aspect of fertility which includes honoring the unfelt emotions that impact a woman’s ability to conceive and carry to term.

At times the natural process of being Mother has been reduced to a scientific experiment, leaving women feeling fragmented and without hope. While honoring the impact medical science has at enhancing some women’s chances of conceiving Marion and Dana’s vision is to help women tap into the ancient wisdom we all carry and trust in their intuitive guidance and body’s ability to create life. This process results in the freedom from constraints created by the dishonoring of our bodies and our womanhood. Their wish for all women attending Women in Bloom retreats is that they return home feeling supported and connected to the essence of who they really are.

You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated.

In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats,

So you can know who you are,

What you can rise from,

How you can still come out of it.

˜Maya Angelou˜